Experience Sales


THE EXPERIENCE strives to provide our customers with the highest quality subscription services possible. At the same time it is our purpose to help young adults get a head start on life. Each of these young adults is given the chance to run their own business, as they are self-employed, independant contractors who do business with THE EXPERIENCE. We have teams of contractors across the country bringing you the opportunity to purchase high quality magazines at a low price, and at the same time you are giving young adults the chance to travel the United States as well as achieve both personal and business goals.

The independent contractors that do business with THE EXPERIENCE have the opportunity to travel the entire United States, including Hawaii . Along the way these young adults earn money and gain valuable business experience. All of this is accomplished in a fun, team-oriented environment.

When an independent contractor sells 100 or more subscriptions during a week, and they sell at least 80 subscription in the following week, they are made a member of the Diamond Club . The independent contractors are measured based on valid sales, this means that only sales which have not been cancelled are counted. When an independent contractor becomes a part of the Diamond Club , they are awarded a five-sided ring with a diamond in the middle. The five sides of the ring symbolize the five facets of THE EXPERIENCE: Owners, Managers, Trainers, Motivators, and Agents. If all five facets are not performing in unison, we will fail. However, when all five facets are working together, we are an unstoppable force. To become a member of the Diamond Club, and to have the privilege of wearing the ring is a very prestigious honor. With this honor comes additional responsibility, this elite group is expected to act as motivators and trainers as well as agents.